Geode Connect 2.2.2 for Microsoft Windows PC

29 Jul 2020

Geode Connect is a software utility for configuring and testing the Geode receiver. Please review the release notes for details on improvements and enhancements provided by the latest version. Please review the Geode user manual for instructions on how to use Geode Connect with the Windows Location Services and/or as an NTRIP client for third-party data collection apps.

Save then run the below file on your full Microsoft Windows PC such as Mesa 3 or Mesa 2. This utility requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 be installed first (if not already).


This utility can also be used to apply better optimized settings to the integrated uBlox GNSS receiver in the Mesa 3 and Mesa 2. For further details, please see this web page.

Internal GNSS receiver configuration tool for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2