Geode Connect 1.2.2 for Microsoft Windows PC

5 Jan 2018

Save and then run the below file on your full Microsoft Windows PC such as Mesa 2. This requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 be installed first (if not already).


This utility can be used to connect the Geode, or can be used to apply better optimized settings to the integrated uBlox GNSS receiver in the Mesa 2. See the release notes documents for further information. As mentioned in the release notes, users should avoid using the terminal screen when setting the Geode to 5Hz or 10Hz due of slow performance at such high rate while in this screen.

Instructions for use with built-in GNSS in Mesa 2

The original default settings for the built-in uBlox GNSS receiver in the Mesa 2 were optimized for vehicle navigation rather than pedestrian tracking. To use Geode Connect (1.1.0 or higher) with better settings for pedestrian tracking, follow these steps.

  1. Download the above file to your Mesa 2 (or copy it to the Mesa 2 such as using a thumb drive), and then double-tap on the file. Follow the on-screen steps to install.
  2. At the “Connect Device” screen select the “Internal Receiver…”
  3. Once connected, tap on the round Settings (gear) icon > Advanced bar.
  4. Once you are at the “Configure Internal GNSS” screen looking at the advanced settings, scroll to the very bottom and tap on the “Reset Receiver” button.
  5. At the “Factory Reset” warning message, tap on the “Restore Defaults” button.


After this is complete, if you have previously applied other settings using uCenter, you may need to apply those settings again such as those described at this web page.

GPS software can not see all NMEA sentences

Geode Connect may provide a simpler method to switch between modes.