Uinta - mapping and form data collection software

19 Nov 2020

Uinta software provides mapping and form data collection. For full details, please review the product page and the data sheet. If possible, it is recommended to migrate to Uinta from Juniper Aspect. Download and run the following file to install. Contact sales@junipersys.com if needing to obtain a license for demo or to purchase. See the Uinta - Getting Started web page for further instructions if needed.

Download Released Version:

May 2020

Download Beta Version (optional):

If wanting to test latest features, you can alternatively download and install the following beta version instead. Contact support@junipersys.com with details of any issue you encounter.

Nov 2020

Image of the unita software on the Mesa rugged Tablet

Use of the Uinta software is under the terms of this End User License Agreement (EULA).