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Note: As has been mentioned in partner newsletters and noted in the Support News over the last year, the original Archer Field PC can no longer be serviced at our repair center. Please contact your sales account manager for options upgrading to a newer model product.

Step 1) Fill out this form completely.
Step 2) An RMA will be generated and email with shipping instructions will be sent to you.
Step 3) After receipt and evaluation Juniper Systems will contact you with repair costs (if any) and to get payment instructions.

A Repair Order (below form) must be submitted before returning any product to Juniper Systems for servicing.

Before requesting a repair, please review all the possible solutions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

We recommend to not submit a PO Box for the return shipping address. If it is absolutely necessary, please contact

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Note: If you have entered a shipping account number and there are different "Ship To" and "Bill To" companies listed above, please use the "Shipping Account Owner" to indicate which company owns the shipping account.

Repair Lead Time*

Note: Lead time estimates exclude shipping time and time spent at OEM/reseller facilities when not shipped directly to Juniper Systems. Expedite fees may be waived if product is under Extended Warranty coverage. Expedite Service lead times are not guaranteed (though charges may still apply) if payment information is not provided prior to repair or we are unable to contact you within the lead time to obtain payment information.

To review what product models are serviceable at our Utah repair center, please visit the Locate a Repair Center web page.


If the unit you are sending has a non-numeric serial number or a number longer than 15 digits enter a zero (0) here and the non-numeric or long serial number in the Detailed Description below.

For Cedar Tree products enter the first 15-digit IMEI number.

Serial Number*

Click on one of the images to the right to see where to find product serial numbers.

Note: Up to five units can be submitted on individual standard repair orders (not expedites). Enter each product model, serial number and repair description separately.

Detailed Description of Repair/Upgrade Needed*

Please also include a name and phone number for the person who actually uses this device so that if additional information about the problem is needed he/she can be contacted.

Note: Only alphabetic characters, numbers, plus signs, dashes, periods, question marks, commas, new lines (CRLF), parentheses and spaces are allowed in the Detailed Description.

Include as many of the following elements as possible when describing the problem:

  • What happened?
  • When did it occur?
  • What parts or processes were involved?
  • How widespread is the problem (occurs on multiple units)?
  • Who found the problem (who to contact for more details)?
  • Where did it happen?
  • How often has it occurred?
  • Include a measurement describing the impact of the problem (e.g. how much does it cost the organization?)
  • If the issue is intermittent, be sure to detail the exact steps in order to recreate it.

Payment Method*
Purchase Order #

Contact with quote if repair costs exceed: $(0-1000)

Note: Providing payment information and a dollar amount not to exceed ($500 US dollars recommended) will reduce the lead time of the repair. The exact amount of the repair will be billed. If the repair is determined to cost more than what you pre-authorized, we will call you with the exact cost to approve before we proceed.

A minimum charge for one hour labor may be applicable to all non-warranty repairs (even for basic data recovery or salvage evaluations) regardless of the final repair outcome.

The best method to contact me (to obtain information, to provide a final repair cost quote if over $500 US dollars, additional repair/upgrade information, etc.) is by:

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