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News Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet

March 2019 Mesa 2 OS build 19077 of Windows 10
December 2018 Mesa 2 OS build 18323 of Windows 10
December 2018 u-Blox M8 firmware updates
November 2018 California CEC compliance validation
October 2018 Mesa 2 with barcode pistol grip is now hazloc certified
October 2018 Attachable keyboard for Mesa 2 now available
September 2018 Mesa 2 OS version 18257 of Windows 10
July 2018 MicroSensys iID PENsolid HF RFID wand
July 2018 Mesa 2 OS version 18169 of Windows 10
May 2018 Grounded stylus kit now available
February 2018 Mesa 2 patch update 18022 for Windows 10
January 2018 Mesa 2 Android is now Verizon certified
October 2017 Minor hardware enhancement related to touchscreen on Mesa 2
October 2017 Generic system software branding now available for Mesa 2
August 2017 Barcode scanner decoder firmware update
July 2017 Mesa 2 OS version 17178 of Windows 10
May 2017 Combo RS-232 and Barcode expansion now available on Mesa 2
May 2017 Battery retention clip and door modification on some Mesa 2 units
April 2017 Android 5.1 AOSP OS now available on Mesa 2
April 2017 Extended Range UHF RFID now available
February 2017 Vehicle mounting dock now available for Mesa 2
February 2017 Pistol Grip for barcode scanner on Mesa 2
February 2017 Updated firmware ULPMC 17
December 2016 Combo RFID and Barcode expansion now available on Mesa 2
December 2016 M2 Office Dock accessory now shipping
December 2016 Spare battery charger accessory now available
November 2016 Combo RS-232 and external GNSS antenna expansion now available for Mesa 2
September 2016 Integrated barcode scanner now available on new Mesa 2 units
August 2016 Integrated RFID expansion now available for Mesa 2
August 2016 RS-232 serial COM port expansion with power output now available on Mesa 2
July 2016 Mesa 2 is now Verizon certified
June 2016 Non-Incendiary models of Mesa 2 now available
June 2016 Repair fee for HazLoc model units out of warranty
April 2016 Enhanced battery firmware parameters
March 2016 Mesa 2 now shipping
March 2016 Polarized screen protector available
March 2016 Optional integrated uBlox NEO M8T GNSS receiver
January 2016 Mesa 2 announced