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News Archer 2

December 2018 u-Blox M8 firmware updates
November 2018 California CEC compliance validation
July 2018 MicroSensys iID PENsolid HF RFID wand
May 2018 Grounded stylus kit now available
May 2018 Replacement components for continued production of A2
March 2018 CDMA modem network support ending for Archer 2
May 2017 Pogo pins replacement kit for A2 Dock
May 2017 Pseudo-SLC internal flash storage memory
October 2016 Optional integrated uBlox NEO M8T GNSS receiver
August 2016 External antenna connector for internal GNSS receiver
June 2016 Repair fee for HazLoc model units out of warranty
December 2015 Integrated CDMA modem now available
November 2015 Enhanced keypad for Archer 2
November 2015 Enhanced I/O module for A2
January 2015 Archer 2 HazLoc models now available
December 2014 A2 Multi Dock
December 2014 Connector Cover for Archer 2 available
September 2014 A2 Dock accessory released
August 2014 Docking Communication Module available
July 2014 Custom 12V COM Module available
June 2014 Archer 2 enhanced internal storage memory
May 2014 New capacitive stylus
March 2014 Archer 2 enhanced system board
November 2013 Archer 2 now shipping
October 2013 Archer 2 announced