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News Archer models

January 2019 Discontinuation of repair services for the original Archer Field PC
December 2018 u-Blox M8 firmware updates
November 2018 California CEC compliance validation
July 2018 MicroSensys iID PENsolid HF RFID wand
July 2018 Repair services no longer available for IkeGPS IKE 3 or Archer Longbow
May 2018 Grounded stylus kit now available
May 2018 Replacement components for continued production of A2
March 2018 CDMA modem network support ending for Archer 2
January 2018 Limited stock remaining of Communication (I/O) Module for Archer
May 2017 Pogo pins replacement kit for A2 Dock
May 2017 Pseudo-SLC internal flash storage memory
October 2016 New displays no longer available for repairs of TK6000 or original Archer
October 2016 Optional integrated uBlox NEO M8T GNSS receiver
August 2016 External antenna connector for internal GNSS receiver
June 2016 Optional thicker 4H coating touchscreen
June 2016 Repair fee for HazLoc model units out of warranty
December 2015 Integrated CDMA modem now available
November 2015 Enhanced keypad for Archer 2
November 2015 Enhanced I/O module for A2
January 2015 Archer 2 HazLoc models now available
December 2014 A2 Multi Dock
December 2014 Connector Cover for Archer 2 available
September 2014 A2 Dock accessory released
September 2014 Special discounted touchscreen or LCD replacement service no longer available
August 2014 Docking Communication Module available
July 2014 Custom 12V COM Module available
June 2014 Archer 2 enhanced internal storage memory
May 2014 New classic Archer Field PC units no longer available
May 2014 New capacitive stylus
March 2014 Archer 2 enhanced system board
January 2014 End of Life announced for original Archer Field PC
November 2013 Archer 2 now shipping
October 2013 Archer 2 announced
February 2013 XF101 continued availability and support
October 2012 Archer main system board update
April 2011 12V 18W (1500mA) Wall Charger
March 2011 ikeGPS High Accuracy GPS Option
January 2011 Archer Longbow is now Surveylab ikeGPS
September 2010 Special touchscreen or LCD replacement method on repairs
August 2010 Archer Longbow now shipping
March 2010 Military green case color available
October 2009 Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic
September 2009 512 MB data storage standard
September 2009 Enhanced display bezel and top magnesium case
June 2009 Introduction of Hemisphere XF101 DGPS Receiver Extended Cap
July 2008 Archer Longbow announced
June 2008 Class 1 Bluetooth Core Specification v2.0+EDR
May 2008 128MB Program and 256/512MB Storage Memory Standard
April 2008 Enhanced methods for installing OS languages
March 2008 Enhanced battery pack design
March 2008 High durability screen protector in Field PC package
August 2007 Subdued gray color (tactical) case overmolding
August 2007 Port Cover
August 2007 Archer Non-Incendive Class 1 Div II rating
August 2007 Power Dock and Travel Charger
August 2007 Multiple Languages Available
February 2007 Communication (I/O) Module Replacement Kit
November 2006 Extended Caps Purchase Availability
November 2006 Integrated Bluetooth Hardware Upgrade