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News Allegro MX

January 2020 Discontinuation of repair services for the Allegro MX
October 2017 Some limits on repair services for TK6000 and Allegro MX
December 2014 End of Life announced for Allegro MX
October 2012 Trimble Lassen expansion pod discontinuation
June 2012 Allegro MX optional monochrome display discontinuation for new unit purchases
April 2011 12V 18W (1500mA) Wall Charger
April 2011 AMXU DGPS Expansion Pod
March 2011 Main system board update on Allegro MX
January 2011 New Plastic Carrying Case
October 2010 Enhanced Connector Cover for Allegro MX
May 2009 Pogo Pins Replacement Kit for USB/ Power Dock
March 2009 Improved battery charge level indication
February 2009 Allegro MX Operating System Update
August 2008 Previous product compatibility or trade-in
August 2008 Introduction of the Allegro MX Field PC
September 2007 Enhanced USB/ Power Dock
August 2006 Allegro DAQ (Data Acquisition) Expansion Pod
August 2005 Desiccant Pack Installation Kit