Basic Troubleshooting Steps

September 2011

Basic troubleshooting steps for our rugged handheld computer products include the following.




Perform a software reset by pressing and holding the Power (On/Off) button for a full 5-7 seconds. Release the button and wait several seconds for any indication of change in condition.


Hard Reset


Perform a hardware reset by pressing and holding the Power (On/Off) button for a full 15-20 seconds. Release the button and wait several seconds for any indication of change in condition.


Remove Power


Remove all power supplies including wall charger and battery pack(s). An Archer 2 or Allegro 2 only needs these removed for a few minutes. Other product models need these removed for a full 20 minutes (which is necessary to drain the backup super capacitor which normally is intended to maintain suspend mode power while swapping battery packs). The process may be accelerated by pressing and holding buttons, though this is not recommended and no progress indications are given.


Clean Registry


Setting only the Windows registry to a factory default state is only recommended for potential data recovery or if first performing a full Clean Boot (as explained below) does not respond. This process may leave the user interface in an unusable condition, requiring a full Clean Boot to then be performed or the operating system to be reloaded / updated.


Follow the instructions given in the user guide (manual) or in the Clean Windows Registry article. Contact us if you can not find this procedure and feel you need it.


Clean Boot


Return all accessible internal storage memory to a factory default state by perform a full Clean Boot as explained in the user guide (manual) or at the following links.



Reload or Update Operating System


You may be able to reload the operating system by downloading and following the operating system update process. Operating system files and instructions are available in our Downloads section.


Reduce or Reset Data Files


Data files can become too large or corrupted over time. Reducing the size of data files or starting new files may help. More information may be available at the following web pages.



Re-Install or Correct Application Software


Application software can often cause issues. Make sure you have the latest app software version installed. Or you can contact and work directly with the app software developer to make an improved version to prevent such issues from occurring in the future, such as by applying the suggestions at the following web pages.



Contact Juniper Systems for Advanced Troubleshooting


You contact a representative of Juniper Systems for help performing further troubleshooting by calling 435-753-1881 or emailing


Submit Order to a Repair Center


Submit the unit to a Repair Center for evaluation.







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