Wifi drops connection

September 2016

There are many potential causes for an active Wifi 802.11 connection to drop or stop working, such as the following.


  • Unintentional roaming to an open network in range
  • Walking out of range of the access point or the Wifi module in the data collector.
  • Loss of line-of-sight between access point and data collector (objects blocking signal).
  • Nearby 2.4-2.5Ghz signal interference.
  • The Microsoft Wireless Zero Config (WZC) service conflicts with the current connection.
  • Not having “Allow data connections on device when connected to PC” checked under Connection Settings when connecting to Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC, formerly ActiveSync).
  • Limited memory cache in older access point routers, preventing stable multiple simultaneous device connections to access point.
  • Access point settings change, such as limiting to only unsupported 5Ghz connections.
  • Limited shared bandwidth during simultaneous Wifi and Bluetooth connections on a data collector that uses a newer SOC (System-On-Chip) or other combination radio module.


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