Network security certificate is expired or invalid

May 2014

Note: This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will provide full support for connecting to any particular network with a Juniper Systems product.


When connecting to a network (via Wifi, cell modem, or other method) you encounter an error message stating that the certificate is expired or invalid, some possible causes and solutions are as follows.


  • The date and time that has been manually set on the device is not correct. Please correct it such as under Start > Settings > System > Regional Settings > Date and Time tabs.
  • The network to which you are connecting requires that you install a custom security certificate on the device in advance as described in following article - Setting up a secure corporate network connection
  • The connection was setup for “internet” instead of “work” (or vice-versa), and must be changed such as under Start > Settings > Connections > Connections.
  • The network(s) to which you are trying to connect may require that you to register the device in advance before allowing the device to connect to the particular network(s).
  • The DHCP server of the network is not properly assigning the device a correct IP address for the network. You can check the current assigned IP address under Start > Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Network Adapters tab, and select the adapter for the type of network connection you are using (such as ”tiwlnapi1” for Wifi on the Archer 2).
  • The networks to which you are connecting (or web pages to which you are browsing) are trying to use an expired security certificate. If the certificate was installed locally, it can be viewed under Start > Settings > System > Certificates. If in a web browser, it may be viewed under Properties of the web page.







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