Mobile hotspot tethering

October 2014

Tethering a Wifi mobile hotspot (or enabling tethering on your mobile phone for connecting) to the rugged handheld computer can allow connectivity to cellular networks that are not supported by the built-in cell modem, and/or consolidate the data service as well as number of lines for which you must pay your service provider. But some make and model mobile hotspots work better than others, providing more stable Wifi connections to the rugged handheld and/or lower latency (higher throughput) connection to the cellular network.


The following list contains some mobile hotspots that we have tested with our rugged handhelds, and how well each performed (best to worst).


  Connectivity 5x5 Internet Access from Pocket IE Internet Access from other apps Mobile Speed Test
Verizon Jetpack Mifi 4620L 4G LTE Yes Yes Yes 2.813 Mbps
Samsung S3 - Verizon Yes Yes Yes 2.047 Mbps
AT&T Netgear Unite - F2B0 (black) Yes Yes Yes 1.406 Mbps
AT&T Sierra Wireless Mifi Yes Yes Yes 703 Kbps
AT&T Netgear Unite - 46D2 (white) Yes Yes Yes 156 Kbps
Apple iPhone 5S - AT&T Yes Yes Yes 136 Kbps


The Verizon MHS800L also seems to work. The Verizon Jetpack 6620L works after installing our latest patch as described below, but is not always the most reliable.


If you are having difficulties with dropped Wifi connections or high latency with the mobile hotspot (such as can not maintain GPS real-time carrier phase (RTCM) differential corrections), you may need to obtain an alternative mobile hotspot that provides better performance such as listed above. We also now offer a patch for OS release 1.6.1 and earlier which may provide improvements, which is available on our downloads web pages.







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