Touchscreen not responding or accurate on A2

April 2016

Below are listed possible causes and solutions for a capacitive touchscreen that is not responding or is not accurate on an Archer 2 or Allegro 2.


Device Locked or Touchscreen Disabled


Make sure the touchscreen is not disabled or locked. On rare occasions, the operating system may state that the touchscreen is currently enabled when it is not. Follow the instructions below.


Model Method(s)
Allegro 2 - Press the Blue shift and then Back Space (back arrow) key, repeat as necessary
- Press and hold Power button until menu appears, then use down arrow and Return keys to select "Enable TS" or "Disable TS", repeat as necessary
Archer 2 - Press the Shift (up arrow) + Backspace (back arrow) hardware keys
- Press and hold Power button until menu appears, then use down arrow and Return keys to select "Enable TS" or "Disable TS", repeat as necessary


Reset the Device


  • Perform a (Soft or Warm) Reset by pressing and holding the Power (On/Off) button for 5-10 seconds until the screen flashes off briefly and the device resets.
  • Perform a Hard Reset by pressing and holding the Power (On/Off) button for a full 20 seconds. The screen and LEDs may flash a few times during this time, but continue to hold until the full amount of time has elapsed.


Clean Touchscreen


Make sure nothing conductive is adhered to or stuck under the side lip around the touchscreen. After disabling the touchscreen (as explained above) for cleaning the touchscreen and blowing (or washing and drying) out under the side lip, you may need to both re-enable the touchscreen and perform a soft Reset (also explained above).


Switch Touch Profiles


If possible, you can use the hardware keypad or keyboard; an attached USB keyboard or mouse; or a remote display control connection (such as MyMobiler) to navigate to Start > Settings > System > Touch to highlight a different Mode (profile) and select the Load button. If loading another profile resolves the issue, if desired you may be able to switch back to the original profile.


Reload or Update Touchscreen Firmware


Using direct install files to update the operating system or to specifically just reload/update the touchscreen firmware may resolve the issue. Direct install files for just reloading/updating the touchscreen firmware are provided at the following links.



Extract the ZIP file, copy the extracted files to the handheld (root directory or inserted MicroSD), connect wall charger, and then soft Reset (hold Power button for 5 seconds).


Remove Power and Restore System


Removing the battery and wall charger for a few minutes will allow all hardware to reset. This may reset the touchscreen hardware (if performing a Hard Reset did not already).


Bad App Install or Data Corruption


If the touchscreen issues only occur while in a specific app or after loading a particular data file, it may be a bad app install or corrupt data file. In such a case, possible solutions are described at the following web pages.



Replace Touchscreen Hardware


If you feel your display touchscreen has been damaged or worn and needs to be replaced, please visit our Repair Information website at:


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