Known issues with built-in BT Manager in Windows Mobile

November 2010

There are several known issues with the Bluetooth Manager that is built-in to the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system. These issues include:


  • When connecting to a BT device that does not require a passkey, you must enter a passkey (such as 0000) or leave it blank then tap Next. If you leave it blank then tap Next, you must tap No to “Add to device list” or else tapping Yes will lead to issues such as later being forced to enter a passkey (the Next button will be grayed out until something is entered) when trying to connect to the device.
  • If you setup a Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) device but did not check the “Serial Port” service under Advanced or Properties for the device partnership and then assigned a COM port number to the device, if you delete the device partnership without first deleting the COM port assignment then the previously assigned COM port number will no longer be available for use by any device.


If you have encountered the above or some other issue with the Microsoft Bluetooth Manager, then you can try using our Clean Bluetooth utility as described at the following web page.


Clean Bluetooth utility


If our custom Clean Bluetooth utility does not resolve the issue(s), then you will probably need to perform a Clean Registry and/or a full Clean Boot as described at these web pages.



If you want to try using the Microsoft Bluetooth Manager again but this time avoiding known issues, follow each and every step of the instructions provided at:


Bluetooth Setup with Microsoft drivers


If you would like to try using an alternative Bluetooth Manager for Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) devices only, you can try our Bluetooth COM setup utility which comes pre-installed on Mesa but an install is available for all of our other Windows Mobile products (Archer, Allegro MX, and TK6000) at:


Bluetooth COM Setup Utility


Some newer or updated software apps now manage Bluetooth device connections without the use of any external manager. These may avoid such issues. Contact the software app developer company for additional information.







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