Recommended SD and CF cards

July 2007

Note: This information is provided as a reference and does not imply that Juniper Systems will provide full support for the use of any specific third-party hardware with a Juniper Systems product.


Below are lists of SD (SDIO, SDHC) and CF cards (devices and adapters) which have been tested in the Archer Field PC running the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system (our release 1.03 and higher (2.1.5 being the latest)). Most of these cards which are still generally available for purchase from us or each manufacturer have also been tested in all our releases of the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system as well.


If you have some other SDIO or CF card device adapter that you would like to use in the Archer Field PC, it must not exceed the physical limitations as specified in the "Maximum SD and CF card height (length)" knowledge base article.


SD Cards


Manufacturer Device Type Model Top Cap
Socket Communications Bluetooth Radio Class II SD-BT2 Communication
Socket Communications WiFi 802.11 E300
Spectec WiFi 802.11 SDW-821BG
Spectec Camera*
*Now EOL
SDC-003A Optical, Universal
All makes* Flash Memory All models* All


*Notes: Specific drivers may be needed with some card models. All tested flash memory SD cards have so far been found to work. SDHC cards with 4GB or higher capacity work with Windows Mobile 6.1 and higher, though there have been reports of issues performing OS updates or language installs using 32GB cards. Third party patches may be available for SDHC card compatibility in Windows Mobile 5.0, but no support may be provided if issues are encountered with a third party patch.



CF Cards


Manufacturer Device Type Model Top Cap
Socket Communications Bluetooth Radio Class II BL4538-641 Standard and all extended
Trimble GPS Pathfinder XC Universal
GlobalSat CF GPS SiRF III BC-337 Universal
Holux CF GPS SiRF III GR-271 Universal
Socket Communications RFID Reader RF5400-542 Universal
Socket Communications RFID Reader & Barcode Scanner RF5405-632 Optical
Socket Communications Barcode Scanner IS5026-610 Optical
Socket Communications WiFi 802.11 E500 & P500 Communication
Enfora GSM/GPRS GSM0110 Communication
Socket Communications High Speed Serial SL2703-138 Universal
National Instruments Data Acquisition CF-6004 Data Acquisition
All makes* Flash Memory All models* All


*Note: All tested CF memory cards have been found to work with the Archer Field PC (FAT16 format recommended). CF memory cards can be used with the standard and all extended caps.







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