Data Acquisition (direct analog signal input) on the Field PC

March 2010

We provide several methods for data acquisition of analog signals on our current Field PC products. A list of such methods is provided below. Some methods are currently designed for specific applications, but could potentially be re-designed for other applications if desired.


Rugged Handheld Computer Model(s) Input Method Description
Archer DAQ (Data Acquisition) Extended Cap Provides a 15-pin sealed connector to the National Instruments CF-6004 card which features 14-bit resolution and up to 132 kS/s aggregate sampling on 4 analog input channels, and is compatible with the Labview PDA Mobile module (software).
Allegro MX
Allegro CX
DAQ (Data Acquisition) Expansion Pod Provides a 50-pin sealed D-connector to the National Instruments 16-bit 6036E, 12-bit 6062E, or 12-bit 6024E PCMCIA card featuring up to 16 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 8 digital I/O, 2 counter/timers, sensor excitation voltage output, and is compatible with the Labview PDA Mobile module (software).
All (that offer USB Host support) National Instruments USB-6008/ 6009 Connect to the USB Host port of the Field PC (using the adapter cable on Archer) after configuring and installing drivers to support DAQmxBase. Provides up to 32-pins featuring 8 analog inputs (14-bit, 48 kS/s), 2 analog outputs (12-bit, 150 S/s), 12 digital I/O, and 32-bit counter.
Allegro MX
Allegro CX
HarvestMaster HM800 Analog Module Connect through the HM800 system console to the COM1 RS-232 port of the Field PC. Specifically for on-combine seed research to connect to sensors for measuring grain moisture content and weight, and recorded in the Field Research Software (FRS).
All (that are running Microsoft Windows Mobile) Campbell Scientific Datalogger Connect using a Regular (Straight Through) female DTE to male DCE cable (no "PDA-to-serial" cable required) or CS I/O port SC32B adapter (no "PDA-to-CS-I/O" connector required) to the Field PC for downloading and viewing data, or uploading a program using the Campbell Scientific PConnect CE software.
Allegro MX
Allegro CX
American Innovations (Bass-Trigon) DVM (Digital Volt Meter) Expansion Pod Specifically for pipeline corrosion monitoring, allows digital volt meter and counter data to be collected directly by the Field PC.
Archer AV Technologies
Specifically for spectrum inspection and vibration recording for machine maintenance on production lines and in other facilities.
Archer C-Cubed Dataq-CF2 card adapter providing four 24-bit analogue inputs, two 12-bit analogue inputs, and four digital I/O channels at up to 40kHz sampling within the extended cap area. Some additional modification may need to be done to the sealed extended cap of the Archer




Analog sensor/signal input methods were provided directly on some of our previous rugged handheld computers which are no longer produced or supported: including the HarvestMaster HM-2 FieldBook/ Juniper Systems JS 700 FieldBook/ Omnidata 700 Series Polycorder; and HarvestMaster HM-286 FieldBook/ Omnidata 286LX Polycorder , 286LE Polycorder, PC2600 Polycorder.







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