Cumulative patch update 18323 for Windows 10 on Mesa 2

December 2018

The following file will install our latest version 18323 customizations for the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit operating system on the Mesa 2. This can be installed on all partner brands of the Mesa 2 platform as well. This implements custom features and improvements from Juniper Systems that have been introduced on units in production over time. One such improvement is automatic touchscreen calibration when waking from Sleep or when disabling then enabling the touchscreen. See the Release Notes documents for further details.




After installation, to verify it has been installed tap on Start then locate and run the Device Info utility. If you are upgrading directly from 16142 or earlier, it is also recommended to run the Touchscreen Profiles utility (which should now have a blue icon instead of orange as previously). This utility will detect that the currently loaded profile has a newer version and will prompt if it is OK to update it. On older Geo models units, we additionally recommend running the Geode Connect utility for following the instructions to improve GNSS pedestrian tracking.


Some additional custom system updates and later integrated utilities may also be available to install at our factory repair center.