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Downloads Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet

March 2019 Cumulative patch update 19043 for Windows 10 on Mesa 2
December 2018 M2 Dock Ethernet driver update
September 2018 Microsoft Windows 10 Pro operating system updates
September 2018 Intel HD Graphics driver update for Atom Z3700 processor
September 2018 Cell Modem driver update for Mesa 2
August 2018 Barcode Connector and drivers for Mesa 2
August 2018 RFID Connector utility for Mesa 2
March 2018 Mesa 2 Android OS update 18061
January 2018 Internal GNSS driver options for Mesa 2
January 2018 Custom firmware updates for Mesa 2
January 2018 Internal GNSS receiver configuration tool
November 2017 TeamViewer remote control for Mesa 2
October 2017 UHF RFID firmware update for Mesa 2
May 2017 RS-232 expansion control panel for Mesa 2
April 2017 Wifi 802.11 and Bluetooth driver update for Mesa 2
May 2016 Microsoft Office or Office Mobile apps for Mesa 2
March 2016 System security software
March 2016 Developer and test tools