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Downloads Archer Field PC

September 2018 Mobile Connect utility software
February 2018 WMDC fixes for Windows 10
July 2012 Archer Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1- Updates and Languages
April 2012 Archer Serial COM patch utilities
February 2012 USB Printer driver update
February 2011 ActiveSync network security conflict patch utility
October 2010 Bluetooth COM Setup Utility
October 2010 Archer WM6.1 CF Voltage Selection utility
May 2010 Microsoft Office Mobile
August 2009 Clean Bluetooth utility
December 2008 Archer Microsoft Windows Mobile 5- Update and Languages
August 2008 Microsoft .NET Compact Framework
August 2008 Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center - ActiveSync
November 2007 Archer Built-in Bluetooth Baud Utilities
September 2007 Built-in Bluetooth Status Utility
February 2007 Daylight Saving Time Change Patch
August 2006 Socket Bluetooth drivers for Windows Mobile 5.0