Simply click on a title from the list below to view a brief summary description of each of the developer tools and information available for the Mesa Rugged Notepad and Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet. Methods to download and/or to access additional information will appear with each summary description.

Developers Mesa models

March 2019 Drivers package 19077 for Mesa 2
March 2018 RFID development tools for Mesa 2
December 2017 Barcode development tools and samples for Mesa 2
October 2017 Customization services for branding and design
October 2017 Generic system software branding now available for Mesa 2
May 2017 Expansion module development kit for Mesa 2
June 2016 Custom APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
April 2016 Developer tool for Notification LEDs on Mesa 2
January 2016 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Mesa 2
January 2016 GNSS test utility for Mesa 2
November 2015 Development tools for the integrated RFID
May 2014 Development tools for the integrated Barcode Scanner
October 2011 Platform Software Customization Guide
December 2010 Mesa Product Development Kit (PDK)
December 2010 Software Branding Customization Guide
August 2010 Integrating Custom Hardware - Legacy products
August 2010 Integrating Custom Hardware
August 2010 Level 1 Customization (basic re-branding) service
August 2010 Level II Customization service
June 2010 Useful Microsoft links for app developers
April 2010 Microsoft SQL Server CE (Mobile)
February 2010 Software Development Kits (SDKs)
January 2010 Signing apps and drivers with security certificates
August 2008 Microsoft .NET Compact Framework