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Resort Operations Management System

SnowGage arms you with accurate, real-time snow depth data so you can improve grooming decisions, target snowmaking in areas that need it most, and provide resort operations with visibility of real-time trail conditions.

SnowGage in the Snowcat

SnowGage in the snowcat

  • Use in the snowcat to collect real-time snow depth data
  • Groom more efficiently
  • Prioritize grooming routes using maps of yesterday's snow depth conditions
  • Boost efficiency by viewing real-time snow depth and snowcat GPS data
SnowGage in the office

SnowGage in the office

  • Use on a desktop to view your resort's snow depth maps
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Log into secure website to view snow depth maps
  • Determine grooming priority
  • Develop snowmaking strategies
  • Easily share trail status with resort operators
SnowGage system hardware

SnowGage system hardward

  • Sensor – Juniper Systems snow depth sensor
  • GPS – Rugged GPS with submeter accuracy
  • Rugged tablet – built to withstand extreme environments, Wi-Fi® & cell-modem enabled

How Snowgage Works

- Install SnowGage on any model of snowcat -

- Simple installation instructions -

- Assistance available upon request -

Boost Efficiency

- Simple data sync between the snowcat and the office -

- Single map updated with data from all snowcats -

- Easily transferable system if snowcat is retired or sold -

- Trail conditions easily shared with grooming & snowmaking teams -

- Affordable own or lease options -

SnowGage in the SnowCat

Snowgage in the Snowcat

- For greater convenience, SnowGage system starts automatically when snowcat is powered on -

- View snow depth and GPS position data in real time -

- Plan more efficient grooming routes by viewing snow depth maps from previous days -

- When finished, data is automatically sent to the office via Wi-Fi or cell modem -

Managing Data in the Snowcat

View real-time snow depth data and snowcat GPS data to boost efficiency while in the snowcat. Prioritize grooming routes using yesterday’s snow depth conditions, while collecting useful data. The SnowGage starts up automatically when the snowcat is powered on, ensuring maximum convenience for the user. Upon completion, the data collected is automatically sent to the office via Wi-Fi or cell modem, readily available for the next step of the snow managing process.

SnowGage in the Office

Snowgage in the Office

- User Login on web -

- Select one or all snowcats -

- Select date to view data -

- Maps zoom to Resort or Trail view -

- Filter maps to display snow depths on individual trails or all trails -

Managing Data in the Office

Make more informed decisions by viewing your resort’s snow depth maps on a desktop. By logging into our secure SnowGage website, you can determine grooming priority, develop snowmaking strategies, and easily share trail status with resort operations. The site allows you to tailor data viewing options by selecting the date and number of snowcats, using trail or resort zooming options.

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Watch our SnowGage webinar recording here to learn more.