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The Ultimate Equine Reproduction Ultrasound Solution

EmberEquine Ultrasound Reproduction Solution

The EmberEquine Ultrasound Reproduction Solution arms equine veterinarians with everything needed to make mare exams and recordkeeping quick, easy, and efficient.

As a completely wireless touchscreen-operated solution, users can capture ultrasound measurements directly on the Draminski 4VetJ Ultrasound screen, while owners or vet technicians enter mare information on the waterproof Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet.

Using Juniper’s cutting-edge EmberEquine software, vets can then send exam information, including ultrasound images, to mare owners while storing the records for future reference with the touch of a finger.

EmberEquine Cloud Sync EmberEquine Cloud Sync

All components of the EmberEquine Ultrasound Reproduction Solution can be purchased collectively or independently. The EmberEquine Software is designed for quick integration with an existing workflow to create an efficient recordkeeping process. Click the button below to request a 30-day free software trial.

4VetJ Ultrasound

4VetJ ultrasound

  • Responsive touchscreen allows veterinarians to measure directly on the ultrasound image, eliminating the need for a traditional trackball or other measurement method.
  • Communicates wirelessly with the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet to quickly transfer ultrasound images and measurements. exam information.
  • Built-in tilt stand provides multiple positions to help reduce overhead glare and improve screen visibility.
  • Convenient cord wrap for improved cord protection and easy on-the-go storage.
  • Designed to perform complex imaging diagnostics of horses
  • Extended all-day battery life lasts through a busy workday.
Mesa 2  Rugged tablet

Mesa2 rugged tablet

  • Provides an additional screen for mare owners, tech assistants, or the equine veterinarian to input data, review historical exams, and quickly confirm image transfer during the exam.
  • Responsive Dragontail™ glass touchscreen allows for quick data entry on a durable screen.
  • Operational as desktop computer, running on a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
  • Rated IP68, making it entirely waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.
  • Extended all-day battery life lasts through a busy workday.
EmberEquine software

EmberEquine software

  • Powerful, yet user-friendly interface provides platform for quick data entry during reproduction exam.
  • Securely stores all information on both the Microsoft Cloud and Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet for ready access to mare records. to all historical mare records.
  • Allows information to be securely shared with others from any location.
  • Customizable fields on data entry form.

How it Works

How It Works

It’s that simple. No post-procedure record keeping, no scrambling to pull up historical mare records, and no struggling to record accurate measurements. Let go of what’s not working and enjoy the ease of EmberEquine.

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Ember Equine Solution Overview
EmberEquine Software Overview

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