Custom brand identity, custom electronics, custom expansion, custom software – Juniper Systems products are unique in the flexibility we put into our designs. Let us work with you to develop the right solution for your customer.



Many companies claim to offer customization, with Juniper Systems as your partner you can develop a product specific to your customer's needs. Juniper Systems provides purpose-built hardware and software solutions for partners in many industries, our focus being on the end-user. Juniper Systems Special Applications Group can provide:

  • Custom Brand Identity - change the color and brand labeling of a hardware solution to fit your application or market.
  • Custom Configuration - select the features and accessories that your customers need, not just parts to fill a box.
  • Custom Electronics - work with our engineering team to integrate your custom electronics into our expansion pods.
  • Custom Software/Programming - our applications specialists can work with you to better integrate your solution into our devices.

Whatever your application, quantity, or brand identity needs, Juniper Systems can work with you to develop a robust solution for your customers. Past projects and experiences include GPS receiver integration, barcode integration, RFID integration, custom radio solutions, custom device drivers, custom brand packaging, non-incendive device certification, and more.

If you are interested in developing a custom solution, please contact us by clicking on the link in the resources tab on the right.

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