Designed For TheData-Intensive

From the carefully selected, textured buttons which click with just the right amount of feedback, to the slope of the contours that mimic so perfectly the shape of the human hand, every last detail of the Allegro 2™ was painstakingly honed to provide you with unparalleled speed and precision. The Allegro 2 maintains Juniper Systems’ reputation for reliability, while offering new features and advancements to make data collection easier than ever.

The Allegro Field PC® line has long been favored for applications with high-volume data collection, and the Allegro 2 is no different, except for the fact that it’s only gotten better. With a newly-designed QWERTY + numeric keyboard, the Allegro 2 features large, glove-friendly buttons, allowing for faster, non-visual (if you’re into that) data entry. It’s had a massive upgrade in battery power, display visibility, touchscreen, connectivity…oh, pretty much everything. We give you…the Allegro 2, designed for the data-intensive.

Allegro 2 Rugged Handheld

Mobile Connect File-Transfer Software:

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Drag-and-drop USB file transfers are easy on the Allegro 2 with the Mobile Connect software by Juniper Systems. Try a free 7-day trial of Mobile Connect and easily manage files between an Allegro 2 and Windows 10 PC. Learn more about Mobile Connect here or purchase the software here.